Bachelor's and Master's Theses

(last update February 24, 2023)

We offer a range of thesis topics in the areas of Parallel and Distributed Computing. The concrete scope of a thesis can be defined on an individual basis.

In case of interest please contact us by email: Siegfried Benkner, Eduard Mehofer, Atakan Aral, Enes Bajrovic


Programming Models, Languages and Concepts

·         Programming of heterogeneous parallel systems

·         Reactive programming, Actor-based programming

·         Task-based programming

·         Scientific codes and GPUs with oneAPI/DPC++/SYCL

·         Accelerating scientific codes with modern vector units (vector processors and CPU/SIMD mode)


Frameworks for AI/ML

·         Kubeflow - The Machine Learning Toolkit for Kubernetes

·         Apache Airflow, MLflow

·         Portability and Scalability for AI/ML Tools


Cloud Computing/ IoT / Edge Computing

·         Big Data Frameworks (Java Cloud Dataflow SDK, Apache Spark/Beam/Kafka)

·         Serverless Computing

·         Microservices (Amazon Lambda, ...)

·         Scheduling Frameworks (Kubernetes, Mesos, ...)


Edge Intelligence / Edge Machine Learning

·         Distributed AI/ML Applications, Federated Learning

·         Deep Neural Network Partitioning

·         Learning from Environmental Data (see

·         IoT Anomaly Detection and Sensor Calibration

·         Benchmarking Edge Workloads